Have you made resolutions for the year ahead? If not, I don’t blame you. Here, I reflect on a couple of intentions for 2021 instead – an altogether gentler way to feel into the new year.

I offer an intention for 2021
Like a child pressing her pocket money
(A single coin, palm-warmed)
Into her grandmother’s hands
A tentative but heartfelt gift

I ask:
May I be kinder
May this intention go inwards and outwards
May it grow wild like a dandelion
Seeding softness far and wide

I ask:
May I be present for 2021
Often I just wanted 2020 to pass
But 2021 I want to remember
Not because I expect it to be so much more
But because attention is the bravest, rarest magic I possess
And I want to wield it

May I be kind.
May I be present.

And may I see and feel and honour the kindness and presence around me
Seeds from the dandelion clocks
Of other sweet souls.

Image credit: Timothy Eberly / Unsplash

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