Hi! I’m Holly. It’s so cool that you’re here.

I am a writer and a graduate of Theology and Anthropology. I’m fascinated by what makes us human and how we create meaning, and I believe we can draw inspiration from any and everywhere.

The religious, spiritual and cultural experiences I’ve had have shaped who I am. But many of us feel excluded from traditional sources of religious guidance.

I’d like to invite people to express and connect with their spirituality in an open, undogmatic way, drawing inspiration from the rich sources that are all around us.

You don’t need any knowledge, to belong to any community or hold to any specific beliefs. Just a desire to explore life’s big questions. And, of course, this is a queer-affirming space.

Also, I have two house rabbits called Grizz and Britney.

With love,

Holly x

I’ve got buns, hun.

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