Spiritual accompaniment

Are you looking for a place to connect more deeply with yourself? A place to make sense of life through the lens of your own personal worldview or spirituality, free from judgement? Or simply the kind and listening ear of a fellow-traveller on life’s journey?

Then spiritual accompaniment work may be for you.

What is spiritual accompaniment?

Spiritual accompaniment is a form of one-to-one work.

We’ll spend an hour at a time together over Zoom (or in-person where possible and preferred) exploring what is alive for you in that moment. You’ll be listened to with deep, compassionate attention.

Every session is held with a shared understanding that you are, at your core, perfect the way you are, and that our work together is supported by something bigger than us – be that the natural world, your personal values, or the Sacred, if that language resonates with you.

What spiritual accompaniment isn’t

Spiritual accompaniment has similarities to counselling in that you are being held and listened to in a non-judgemental space, where you will be supported to find your own answers to life’s challenges.

However spiritual accompaniment is not psychodynamic – it is not a form of therapy.
Those in need of urgent or profound therapeutic support should seek a therapist or counsellor with the appropriate training.

I’m interested – what next?

The best way to explore spiritual accompaniment is to experience it!

Get in touch now to learn more, discuss my sliding pricing scale and book an exploratory session.