About me

Hello, dear one! I’m Holly. I’m a South London-based writer and lifelong student of spirituality.

If you’re here, you’re also a searcher who loves to explore life’s big questions.

I’ve always been fascinated by the question of what it means to be human. I draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere – be that the beauty of nature, amazing works of fiction, religious traditions, pop culture or music. I believe there is always more to understand about this life and this universe.

I created this space (originally called the Religion Beat blog) in March 2020 to help other spiritual searchers. To hopefully inspire others to explore, nurture and celebrate their spirituality in a way that’s open, joyful and embraces change.

A bit more about me

I’m London born-and-bred but escape to the wilderness frequently. I studied Theology and Anthropology at university and now work in charity communications. My friends would tell you I’m wise and have something of a way with words. I’m a real ambivert and can be found tucked away reading an epic fantasy novel, or in the middle of the dancefloor depending on the day! She/her.

I have belonged to spiritual communities in the past, but currently I’m making my own way through the questions outside of any particular religious tradition, and feel most at home with others who are doing the same.

I’d like to invite more people to express and connect with their spirituality in an open, undogmatic way, drawing inspiration from the rich sources that are all around us – including reclaiming our right to take inspiration from religious sources that we’ve felt didn’t ‘belong’ to us. All of our experiences and perspectives are equally valid.

You don’t need any particular knowledge or beliefs to belong here – just a desire to keep exploring what this one life is all about.

I hope together we can learn and grow.

With love,

Holly x

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