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Galentine’s Day blessing

Though the blessings I write are always inspired by my own lived experience, I try to write them to be applicable to lots of people. With this blessing, I didn’t even try. My friends are too specifically fabulous. So here it is – a Galentine’s Day blessing to my phenomenal friends. Why not share it with your chosen family – or maybe you can write your own blessing for them? (NB: my usage of ‘Galentine’s’ denotes friends of all genders)

My Sweet Soul Friend,
Thank you for being the circle of love around my heart
For choosing me (me!)
For showing up in body, mind and heart
And/or with a bottle of wine
For hugging me and kissing me
For dancing with me
For inspiring me to be better
For seeing and loving the real me even when I try to hide her
For seeing the always-unfolding me even before I see her
For being my pride and my crown

My Sweet Soul Friend,
May you receive back tenfold everything you give
May you be as kind to yourself as you are to your friends
May you be your soul’s best friend, your anam cara
Be blessed, be blessed, be blessed

And may we grow together
Grow older
Grow wiser
Grow kinder
Grow roots down and branches out

May we keep encountering one another on the path towards Self and Source
The path where only souls may walk
My sweet Soul Friend

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  • 720p
    February 16, 2021 at 3:37 pm

    Wow, great blog article. Really thank you! Awesome. Shannen Ram Wiles


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