Blessings and prayers

A blessing on the loss of a grandparent

On the passing of a grandparent from this life
You have lost a giant, in whose shadow you grew

You grieve one to whom you would usually turn for comfort

Although it may feel as though the trunk of your family tree
Has fallen
It has not
It has entered more deeply into reality
To join the forces of nature
Which sustain us each moment
Unseen, ever-present

May you honour the depth of your grief as a right measure of your loss

May you feel the presence of your beloved grandparent
And remain grounded in their love always

May you continue to know and feel
Their pride in and with you
Trust that it is powerful and transcends
Mere time and space

May you find time to remember cherished days together
May you take them with you in your heart when you have experiences
They could never have imagined

May you reach ever more bravely for your dreams
For when you reach for the sky
Their years helping you grow strong roots
Are truly fulfilled.

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