4 things I learned from Me & White Supremacy (and why all spiritual white people need to be doing antiracism work)

This first appeared as a micro-blog on my Instagram page, but it was so popular I’ve replicated it here. Me and White Supremacy is the intellectual property of Layla F Saad, these are just some of my takeaways.

1. It’s not about racist white people versus non-racist ones

While some white people hold explicitly racist views, we ALL live in a world which centres white people at the violent expense of BIPOC. Moralising about some white people and how ‘racist’ they are compared to us actually prevents white people from engaging, and is illusory. No white person is exempt from this work.

2. Antiracism work is about freedom

It’s not about what can’t be done – it’s about what could be, if we lived as if black and brown lives matter as much as white lives. It’s beautiful. Another phrase which comes to mind for it is the kingdom of heaven.

3. An antiracism journey is a moral obligation on all white people

It is hard. It forces you to take a hard look at your values, and whether you really live them out. But it gives back more than we could deserve to ask of it. It is liberative, all the way around.

4. Antiracism work transcends just race

Antiracism is breaking open much we (especially white, privileged people) have taken for granted. Don’t be surprised if antiracism work increases your ability to show compassion for all. Caption: White followers, please don’t look away. If you came here today looking for a nourishing spiritual message – this is it. The above are just some of the thoughts I have on completing a journey of working through Me & White Supremacy in (Zoom) community.

These few points are just the beginning of what I could share about what I learned personally from Me and White Supremacy. Fellow white people – please buy the book and work through it with journalling. Don’t borrow or lend it – it’s important Layla F Saad is remunerated properly for the gift which this book is to the world.

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