Blessings and prayers

A blessing for frontline workers

Themes: thank you, hospital workers, supermarket workers, postal service workers, food delivery and takeaway restaurant staff. Photo of my awesome nieces!

Right now it feels like we are living in two different worlds, created by the same virus.

While many of us stay home, cling to creature comforts, tend our frayed nerves.
You are ‘out there’ on the frontline of a war you didn’t choose.
While many of us sit at makeshift desks, feeling bored or trapped, stuck inside with ourselves,
You go into battle every day, for all of us.

You are experiencing trauma, exhaustion, boredom, stress.
You are choosing to temper fear and anger with kindness and forbearance.
You are having off-days when you want to shout at the man pushing to the front of the queue to buy a 24-pack of beers.
You are ‘just doing your job’.

This is a blessing for you, from every one of us.

May our words, our hearts, hold and uplift you.
May we remember that heroes are always human – or else they are just myth.

May you remain safe

May you remain well

May you remain cheerful

May you find space to weep

May those of us in lockdown hold true to our simple obligations, and do justice to your sacrifice.
May we never forget what you have done.

May we never again forget that you are the glue which holds us all together, not just today, but every day.

May we turn applause and clanging saucepans into real recognition. True representation. Proper remuneration.

Today, we have turned to you and asked you to save us.

Tomorrow, may we turn to you and ask you, ‘what can we do for you?’

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