Blessings and prayers

A blessing for making a tough decision

Dear one,
Life has reached a crossroads
Your path is split
And now you must make a difficult choice

You strain your eyes to see what each path may bring
Maybe neither path tempts your feet to walk
And yet, you know you must choose

May you offer yourself the patience needed to choose well
And, when the decision is made, may your first steps be blessed

May you bring your whole self to each step
Your uncertainty and doubt you may carry with you
But don’t let them choose your steps for you

In time, may you offer yourself the kindness to release the visions of what the other paths may have been
May you trust that as you faithfully walk, this road will offer its own gifts
Treasures you cannot yet know

May your ancestors, who walked uncertain paths in their time, bless you
And attend to you on your road.

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