Blessings and prayers

Blessing for anyone who has been institutionalised

Dearest one,
May this blessing and god’s love anoint you
During this time when you are placed in the care of others

May you trust that you deserve peace

May you know that your personhood is not a problem to be fixed
That you are worthy of love just as you are
No matter how you may have been made to feel

May you hold to the truth of your bright, vibrant humanity
Even if you are treated in ways which demean you

Bless the people in whose care you have been placed
May each interaction be an exchange of compassion

May your life force sustain you
May it be a small but enduring light
Reminding you of what is true, when everything else feels unreal

A still, small voice in the darkest moments
A quiet but reassuring presence

May this prayer
And the loving spirit of life which suffers and endures alongside you
Remain with you always.

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