Blessings and prayers

A prayer for strength for today

Dear perfect unity,

Giver of breath,

Thank you for this new morning

Each new sunrise is one which many blessed & beloved souls don’t get to see

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery.

Belly Mujinga and the 376,000 other beautiful souls lost to coronavirus

Countless other precious children.


Today our hearts are so heavy

Grant us a sip of joy in this new day

Another day that has been given to us by grace alone

Completely unearned.

May our gratitude be a tribute to the fallen

And, give us the courage to do what today calls for

Convict our hearts

Let us own our burdens

And answer the call to justice

Which rings out, deafeningly loud, from deep to deep

Go ahead of us

Go behind us

Be the honour guard for every protest

Hold us up

As we hold up the oppressed

To lift them out or the waters of hate

May it be so.

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