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One year in lockdown: a prayer

March 16 marks one year in lockdown here in the UK. I offer a few words of reflection on this un-asked-for anniversary.

Today we arrive at a place
We’ve never been to before
A day has come which places us
One year into this new, ever unfolding world

May you honour exactly how this moment
Settles in in the sand of your soul

May we offer breath, and thought, and love
To each of the
2.65 million
(My heart cries within me)
Who do not join us here on the crest of this hill
Who were with us this time last year
And whose lives were precious
Who mattered

May we all recognise
That we have journeyed
A long, long way along the road

And though the ‘end’ may not be in sight
The future may still be unclear
But we never have to live this year again

We can leave it here
To rest and transform
From reality
To memory

May this un-hoped-for anniversary
Serve you as you need
May you allow the tides of your emotions to move through you
Provide a space to mourn, to weep, to shake off the dust of the road

And rest.

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