Blessings and prayers

A prayer for when you feel lost

Thank you to the very talented Pono Lopez for the gorgeous cover image.

Dearest one,

I call to you within the lost place
May my voice remind you that

Your connection to life
To yourself
To vitality
Is inalienable

I don’t question the intensity of your present loneliness
Or the way the grey light in this lost place
Obscures any hope of a horizon
Or the completeness of your sense of isolation

I simply know
That nothing can separate you from love,
Because, precious one, you are Love

Deep in your heart
Where the wilderness feel the most hopeless
Still yet you are reachable
Still yet you are near at heart
Still yet you are worthy of love

May you remember that your soul
Attends to you
Wherever your feet tread
A constant, unfailing companion
No matter how weak or vulnerable it seems
No matter how tenuous the connection feels

Dear one, our inner landscape
Is not like that of this physical plane

Instead, landscapes morph and shift
Sometimes, you need not find your way out of the wilderness
Sometimes, you need only to wander through it
With endurance
And a tiny, pigeon-step sip of hope

Day by day,
Out of the arid ground
Will emerge familiar ground again

So, trust your tentative footsteps, dear one,
And know that you are doing all you need to do
To find yourself,
One night,
Looking out at a sweet green place
Under the stewardship of friendly stars which know your name.

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