Blessings and prayers

Seven months in lockdown: a blessing

These seven months
Have shaped us
Confronted us
Remade us

May you offer yourself a sweet and tender moment
To deeply honour the days which have passed
And the grief, sadness, restlessness and anxiety you may feel.

May you travel into the days ahead
With soft self-compassion

May we all let go of those expectations, hopes or vague assumptions
About where this journey will take us next

May we realise that
Though is it not the year we would have designed
It is the year that has been made
And even these dark days
Ask to be lived with all the open-hearted presence that we can muster

Know that the secret to survival is not to be hard and cold
But to show your soft belly to the world

A morning prayer for the days ahead could be:

“May I bring the presence, compassion and open-ness to this day that I can
Never asking of myself more than I can offer
But may I simply do my best
May I stay open to what each day can bring.”

May you find some joy and lightness in the days ahead.

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