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‘Blue Monday’: a meditation

Blue Monday – the notion that the third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year – may be the result of a PR campaign by a travel company, but I sense that this year, the notion could have more resonance than most. As we approach a year since the first UK lockdown, infection rates are higher than ever, and it seems many of us are starting to fear that lockdown will never end. We are back in our home offices post-Christmas, staring out the window at the rain. So, if you are struggling, please know that your feelings are valid, and you are not alone.
A ‘Blue Monday’ meditation

We peer out from under our duvets
At a rain-soaked landscape
We gaze through the torrent of news
Searching for a drop of hope

When nothing is seen
When the visible world seems grey

May you draw upon your imagination
Behind your eyes may you see a sky of outrageous cerulean
May you see a fragrant landscape of many colours stretch out before you
May you soak in sunlight
May you feel the wind curl round the curves of your upturned face

And think
If your imagination is that rich and filled with life
How beautiful can be the strokes
You paint upon the world
If you only try?

You are not alone. You are important. If you’re struggling, please reach out.

Speak to the Samaritans or call 116 123

Thank you to Dex Exekiel at Unsplash for the beautiful cover photo

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