Blessings and prayers

A blessing for post-lockdown anxiety

Dear one,

We stand at another threshold
May these journeying words impart courage
Fold them into your travelling bag
Take them with you when you go.

As we unfurl the protective wings we have all created

May you know that all change can be challenging
Even returning to long-missed joys, can present unexpected fears

Extricating ourselves from our cocoons of survival and safety
May trigger the hummingbird heart of our anxiety

May you pause for just a moment longer than we want to;

To remember every death –

Every life and every dream and every business and every relationship
Which has been consumed

Honour them all

Offer them your love and your gratitude

Promise to remember them often.

May you midwife yourself through the newness & uncertainty
With patience, love and just a touch of nerve

May we prepare ourselves to get to a familiar place
And it not feel quite the same

Because, dear one, you are not the same.


Anticipating the delicious joy of re-connection

Warming the hands which will embrace beloved flesh
May you run

Into the open arms of your life.

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