Blessings and prayers

A blessing for while we wait (Advent blessing)

We have arrived at a season of waiting
Of joyful expectation

Though, it may seem hard to tell

Perhaps you have lived this whole year in an unsteady advent
Waiting and wishing
And it has not been joyful
Perhaps you don’t want to entrust your hopes to anything
Sure that they can only be dashed yet again

May this advent be an invitation
May we all learn anew
To nourish our hopes
To expect good things

May you, dear one, you acquaint yourself with what it is you wait for

May your hope be a companion and a guide
With you in the confusion, not pulling you ahead to the future

May it be the right things, the things which would only further your joy

May you find gentle ways to release those ‘hopes’ which are really
Just ways to punish yourself for what you are not
(These hopes are traitorous and undeserving of you)

May you trust that brighter days are ahead for you

And may we all know
That the pain of our present does not make joyful expectation foolish
Or irrational
No, hope shines out in the murk
The way a sunrise
Finds a million gaps to blaze through bare winter branches
Until the air is filled with prisms of light

As it does this first morning of advent.

Many thanks to Magnus Jonasson via Unsplash for the beautiful photo.

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