Blessings and prayers

A Sunday meditation

Come here, dear one, and let us be close.

Welcome. Arrange your body in a restful pose. Arrive.

Be gentle with yourself – it can be extraordinarily difficult to Be.

The first thing you must do is invite all parts of yourself to arrive

Whisper to yourself:

Mind, you are welcome here
Heart, you are welcome here
Gut, you are welcome here
Limbs, you are welcome here
Beautiful skin, you are welcome here
Ego, you are welcome here
All the parts of me I hide, you, in particular, are welcome here

Place your hands together in a prayer at your heart
In doing this, you have called down sweet blessings and divine love
You are connected

Now consider your body

What can you feel?

Place your hands on your face, over your eyes
Enjoy this restful darkness

Now place your hands over your heart
Offer yourself acceptance
Let it be a big gulp or tiny sip; whatever you can muster

Place your hands on your belly
Take a big, gusty breath
And push it out again with a whoosh

Feel your gorgeous belly expand with your in-breaths
Feel it release with your out-breaths

This is your second brain, the home of your intuition
Here, in your gut, you cannot lie even to yourself
But you must learn its language
Dwell here for five full breaths and listen carefully
Gradually, slowly, it will tell you how you really are

Now place your fingertips on your shoulders
Consider – are you carrying anything heavy which you can let go?

When you’ve had your fill

Take one final, deep breath
Release it with a sigh

And be blessed.

Would you appreciate a video or recording of me reciting this meditation? If so, let me know in the comments. <3

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