Blessings and prayers

A blessing for starting a new journey

You are setting out on something new
A fresh morning has dawned in your soul

To do a new thing
Is sacred
It is the universe discovering itself
And your bravery will be rewarded in ways you do not yet see

Your first step
Though it be faltering
Or fearful
Or anticlimactic!
Is happening exactly as it should
Whisper a blessing over it
And then, walk

Inside your travelling bag, alongside your snacks and keepsakes and your dog-eared notebook
Lay nestled the days that have gone before
And the paths not taken, which allowed you to take this one

May you honour that a new beginning is also a death
May you invite any sadness to sit alongside joy and excitement,
With its siblings – where it belongs.

If you feel fear,
Know that this is the loneliest part
Beyond the horizon is something new
Which will inspire new colours in the glade of your spirit

If you falter,
Know that you can start again with every breath

If you doubt,
Know that no level of comfort or safety
Is worth squashing down your endless becoming

Take courage
And keep walking.

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