Blessings and prayers

A prayer for the lonely

Loneliness is a wolf at the door of our hearts: ravening and ravenous.

Loneliness can make the inside of your skin feel like an empty room.

But, dear one, this prayer is for you.

May you know that in this moment, you are held by this universe

May you feel embraced by the wind; seen by the sunlight; greeted by the birds warbling overhead

The air around you can’t get close enough to your beloved skin.

May you offer your hopes and fears to the wide sky

And know that they have been deeply heard

You are here; you are created

This means you are gathered amongst the folds of God’s skirts

May you trust that love is abundant; may you dare to know that you are necessary

May you screw up your courage,

Open up your tender heart and offer yourself what love is there.

May this prayer reignite the spark, may it fan the embers

of love in the furnace of your heart

To warm you through this day, into more vibrant ones to come.

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