Blessings and prayers

Prayer for a new week

You could say this weekly prayer/reflection is a winter baby trying to appreciate all the beauty and vibrancy of summer!

As we enter a new week
May we invite it the warmth of the June sun
And see what we can learn from its rays

May we learn to bathe in light wherever it is found
May we orient ourselves always to Source,
As a sunflower does the sun
May the bend and sway of tall summer grasses
Remind us to move often
May we find ways to be slow
When our blood is hot

May we let ourselves be seen
In full sunlight
To enjoy the worshipful touches of soft breezes on skin
May we give our bodies this gift
(In other words, wear the damn shorts!)

May we stretch ourselves out to inhabit these longest days of the year
And as the cool of evening settles over us at last
May we sit beneath the darkening bowl of the sky
And breathe the stars.

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