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A blessing for abundance

Dear one,

The first secret you must learn

Is that though want and need are all around

The nature of life is abundance
God gives with both of her hands
With joy and pleasure

If all was shared
All would have enough

May you stare today full in the face, with clear eyes and an open heart
And may it give you all that you need

May you count the ways in which you are rich
Not as does the king in his counting house
But as the pauper who stumbles upon a pile of gold –
With overflowing gratitude and a sense of childlike wonder

May you hold your possessions lightly and your loved ones close
May you hold the past and future lightly and the present in your full attention

May you have clear eyes to see what you truly need, and may you have that each day

May you have loaves left over, and may you give to others from your plenty
With the joy of god

May you know that – with eyes closed and body still and breath soft –
You are complete

May this be true for you

May this be true for all of us.

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