A commitment to myself – a poem

Today I marry again the life that I have chosen

The morning of our wedding is fresh, the breeze cold, the ground damp with dew

As I ready myself,
I imagine with anticipation kissing the tender apple cheek

Of the inner journey I have taken
The skills which I have nurtured
The loved ones with whom I have ventured into the sacred forest of knowing
The days past which gather now only in my memory, a hushed gaggle of wedding guests

My dreams, joys and failures are my bridal party
They are all here
Those that flourished
Those that failed to thrive

I honour the losses
I honour the fruit

Though I dance down the aisle, a flower-bedecked May queen,
I am afraid, too
Afraid to fall into the arms of my life
To trust myself completely to myself

But nestled within my bouquet is the flower of faith
Its fragrance rises to me as I approach
The days of this one life
Waiting, with love in their eyes, to meet me.

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