If you’ve been struggling with body angst, I offer this prayer to you and your resilient body, as a very gentle way to reconnect and offer it your thanks for taking care of you as best as it can.

For a moment
I close my eyes
And set down
How my body looks
How I see it

And visualise it from the inside out.

I imagine: heart pounding, blood rushing like a torrent
I imagine: muscles tenderly holding ligaments holding bones, skin embracing all
I imagine: cells that outnumber the stars, vibrating with elemental life

From inside this heart,
I offer thanks to this body

This holy container
This touchpoint between earth and spirit

This body which raises me up
This body which grounds me to earth
This home.

I offer it my thanks
For holding me

For the alchemy it has performed to keep me moving, to fuel and refresh me
For all of the fear and stress it has siphoned from an overloaded mind
I invite this body to continue to release the tension, the waste and the toxic thoughts that enduring this pandemic has created

I acknowledge the negative ways I have thought and acted towards this vessel
I acknowledge that my body hears everything I think about it
And honour it’s fierce, unending loyalty
I offer my whole self compassion and forgiveness for the conflicts I have caused between body and thoughts

I invite my body, mind and spirit to reconnect where there has grown discord
I know that healing and trust take time
I simply offer my whole self a fresh start, as many fresh starts as we need
I begin this, I begin again, with a tender hug.

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