Blessings and prayers

A blessing for when you feel like giving up

When we feel like giving up
Our disappointment reigns
And solemn commitments
Made in the cold light of day
Will always struggle to compete

In those moments
May you grant yourself a soft space
Mentally, physically, spiritually:
Soft clothing
Soft breathing
Soft thinking
Soft being

When hard thoughts crash into your soft play palace
Allow them to barrel around in a strop
But know that they will come
And then they will go
And when they do
The palace will be all yours again

From this soft place
Can you offer yourself the grace
To let today be what today will be?

And to allow decisions that affect tomorrow
Be made tomorrow?

Today, can you be soft
On yourself
On your hurts and disappointments
On the hours of hard work
On dreams that feel further away than ever
On tomorrow’s burdens?

You can draw on tomorrow’s courage
But today,
While you’re feeling so tender
Be soft.

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