Blessings and prayers

Seasonal affective disorder: a blessing

Summer child,
My love extends to you during these darker days

First, know this –
To feel the outer landscape reflecting upon your inner one
Is entirely human
In fact, it is the universe mirroring its image back to itself

May the gifts of this season
Find their way through the cracks in your heaviness
And lift your spirit:
Clear crisp skies, impossibly blue,
Sunsets so fiery there can be no doubt the sun still shines for us,
Jewel-bright berries glowing in the woodland,
Waiting to deck our halls

May you offer yourself patience and kind understanding
May you get out into the cold air
Even just for daily sips
Trust me,
It will nourish you

May you find nestled inside the darkness itself
The light
Which cannot be expunged
The light
Which is the source of the sun itself
The light
Which is your source

May you remind yourself that
The earth herself is offering you a season to rest

To draw into yourself like the cloak of night
Light the fires within
And tend to your own hearth

And may you trust
That when the time is right,
Your spirit will lift its head
Sniff something in the air
Yawn, stretch, shake its fur
And lead you out, into the light
Of a new spring.

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