Blessings and prayers

A May Day/Beltane blessing

Themes: May Day, the Celtic celebration of Lá Buidhe Bealtaine (the yellow day of Beltane), the May tree/hawthorn

The sun has risen on Beltane, as it has for years beyond number
With a flourish, she has turned her smiling gaze on us again.
What joy to be held in that gaze!
Let us fling open our windows and greet her
Shrug off our drab winter layers
Throw up our arms and run, dancing, to embrace her

As you venture out into the morning
The breeze may still feel a little cold
Open yourself up to it.
Let it carry away what you no longer need
Let it wake you to what is new and fresh

We have weathered dark days together
On this day, the earth offers us a new season
May we have faith enough to invite in all of its endless abundance

We have been gravely hurt; cut off from the food of one another’s love
And dear ones, more challenges lie ahead
But may we not place any limits on our hopes, but rather let them expand, and rise into this May morning like dandelion seeds

May abundance be our expectation
May we trust ourselves to hope once more
May we open our hearts like the yellow hawthorn flower to the advancing sun
May we know that days of warmth are to come
And that we, like the pretty hawthorn tree, are coming into our own.

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