Blessings and prayers

A blessing on the change of seasons

Summer is dying
And autumn beckons
Even now,
Though the woodland canopy is still green and rustling,
A carpet of crisp orange has begun to grow underfoot
Even now, though the days be warm, the first breeze of morning carries a fresh chill

As the season begins to turn,
And evenings draw in
And the leaves curl and fall
May you take the invitation to allow that which has served its purpose to fall away
To drop to the ground like autumn leaves, where it will nurture new life in the rich black earth
May you allow yourself to stop producing new things
And allow what is already here to ripen and become full
May you see how sometimes in order for new things to grow
Something else has to die
But the dying doesn’t last forever
Only for a season

May all of us find during these autumn days
A chance to discover another facet of ourselves

May autumn colours stir your imagination
May cool mornings awaken a fresh perspective
May long dark nights invite a new depth to your dreaming

May you gather around yourself the days of summer which have passed
To warm you

And trust that this season, too, has something special to offer

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