Blessings and prayers

A prayer for forgiveness for participating in white supremacy

Perfect unity,

One in whose image we all are created, and in which we also create

One from whom we all emanate, and in whom we all have our being

I come to you as a soul in a white body

Asking for your forgiveness
For the sin
Of denying the preciousness of black souls, the sanctity of black bodies and humanity of black lives
On this day, I fall on your endless grace

For every time I stayed silent
Forgive me
For every time I looked the other way
Forgive me
For every time I cared more for my feelings than another’s pain, even another’s liberty
Forgive me
For every time I avoided difficult conversations out of fear of conflict
Forgive me
For every time I let myself feel satisfied in my allyship without taking any real action
Forgive me
For every time I cared more about how I looked than what I was actually achieving
Forgive me
For resisting change because to repent felt too hard
Forgive me

Forgive me, O redeemer, for every act or non-act that has denied the powerful, beautiful humanity of any and each of your black children

May forgiveness and repentance restore my humanity as well as that of others

And in the wake of your cleansing forgiveness, let new energy arise.

New righteous anger

New compassion, new loving-kindness

New willingness to de-centre my own experience

This path of repentance I will pave with each new day
Prepared to work hard; prepared to mess up; prepared to fail; prepared to try again
May I call to others to join me
Laying down the road faster and faster

Until we may reach the highway
Which carries us all
To the land of joyous, clamorous, technicolour Peace.

May it be so.

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