Blessings and prayers

A Samhain invocation

The Celtic fire festival Samhain is one of the ancient roots of Hallowe’en, marking the death of the year and honouring Samhain, the lord of the dead or winter. In ancient times, home fires were left to go out as the harvest was gathered in. Once this task was done, a ritual fire was burned to give thanks for the harvest. At this time of year, it was believed that the veil between the world of the living and the undying lands is very thin, inviting our lost loved ones to be close. These words are my Samhain offering to you – reflect upon them slowly over a lighted candle.

On this Samhain

We are ready to let this year die, as it must,
So that it may fertilise something new

We welcome this turning of the wheel of the year
And open our hearts to the blessings of Samhain

Fire, we welcome you
Dark, we welcome you
Ancestors, we welcome you

Year’s death, we welcome you
Blessings of Samhain, we welcome you

We commit to the dark those parts of ourselves which are ready to die
We release the comforts to which we cling
The efforts and the hopes of the year
The resentments and the jealousies
The expectations we can never meet
We commit these brittle seeds
Down into the soil
And trust
That come spring
Only that which will bear good fruit
Will have grown

Samhain fire,
May your comforting warmth protect us as it did our most ancient ancestors
May it ignite the fire in the hearth of our hearts
To burn away what has hardened and calcified
And reconnect us to Source

Uphold me as I stand
At the forward edge of the wave of life
The burden is great
But I know you stand behind me
Supporting me
I remember and honour your part
I bless your sweet memory
Stay with me throughout the year to come

Fire, I welcome you
Dark, I welcome you
Ancestors, I welcome you

Year’s death, I welcome you
Blessings of Samhain, I welcome you

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