Blessings and prayers

A prayer for the dark days

Themes: Mental Health Awareness Week, depression, low mood, feeling depressed

Welcome, love.
Come on in.
Rest your precious bones down here.

In this quiet, gentle place
You do not need to shove down your despair,
Paste your face with a smile,
Staunch the flow of tears,
Or attempt to put words to the horrors of your inner landscape.

Simply rest here for a little while
And let these words of blessing attend to you:

May you have the space and courage to hold the emotions that are inside you
Though they be heavy, may you be strong
And remember, if all else fails, may you lie flat on the green-brown earth
And let Her hold all your burdens

If you feel far away from love, may you know that, with these words, I bless the Gentle breeze that raps at your window
Open it, and let it in
Let it kiss your cheeks, your eyelids, your lips
Let it wind its way into your hair
And may you feel seen and held

May you have the fortitude to know that you have felt like this before
And, it has passed before
So, may it pass again

May this prayer offer you grace enough for today

And may you return here each day that you need it, to feel this prayer of love
Sent from the heart of the universe to yours.

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