Blessings and prayers

Words for when you have done wrong

Dear one,

The pain of knowing you have done wrong
Hurt someone
Made a mistake
It is a pitable place
Because the tide of emotions you are feeling
Can be strong

But if you can open yourself to the feelings
It can also be blesséd

If you can stand in the flood
Neither retreating to safe shores
Nor being swept away in its wake
The waters will change you
Stay in the water.

If you are grappling with shame
Know these truths:
You are fundamentally good
You are yet worthy of love

If you are lost in a maze of your guilty thoughts
Know that it is good and right to make amends where you can
It will bless you and the ones to whom you owe your contrition.

If you are feeling too burned, too tender, to seek forgiveness yet
You need only do two things:
Repeat step one: offer yourself the truth that you are still worthy of love
Step two: stay in the water.

Wait beside your suffering
Show it Samaritan hospitality
Though you abhor it
Wait on it
It will transform you

Dear one,
A current of change is coming
Stay in the water.

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