Blessings and prayers

A spring equinox blessing

As the human world grinds to a halt, our natural home is bursting into bloom.

On this festival, the day is once again as long as the night.

The winter months you have waited
You have been coiled up tight in a bud
Now you are called to burst out
And let your tender petals stretch out under the sun

Ask yourself –
What would it mean to let the tenderest, newest, most vulnerable, most hard-won parts of you see the sun?
Gather drops of dew in the birdsong-drenched morning?
Absorb the shades of restful night?
Gladden the hearts of passers-by with their wanton colour?

How would it feel
To know that throughout the long winter spent huddling in the dark clay
You were painting your most glorious colours deep inside
Ready to be unfurled
And worn like a cloak?

How would it feel
To know that your darkest days
When you felt depleted of all energy

Had a purpose?

Step into the sunlight, and wear your colours with pride.

It’s time.

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