Blessings and prayers

A blessing of thanks for spring

I lift my head to greet the sun
I close my eyes and watch light and shadow
Play on my eyelids
Retelling the unending story of creation

I offer my palms to the breeze
Feeling heat from within
Lift from my skin to rejoin the air

I breathe, I breathe
Inhaling sweetness
I exhale, I exhale
And offer myself again to life

I let my body speak my prayer of thanks
To tell the story that is beyond words

I see now
How essential is the deep winter
To prepare us for the violence of spring
The bursting forth
The shucking of outer layers
The releasing of that which has been our protection

I let my body speak my prayer of thanks
To bless the spring for arriving,
Just in the nick of time,
Just when we thought we could not wait or hibernate a day longer

I let my body speak my prayer of thanks
For what spring Is –
Nothing less than the embodiment of hope
Bringer of life

I place two hands over my heart
Better still, I wrap my arms around my body
And invite the seed that has been planted deep
To honour the summons of the season
To burst out of its husk
To enliven every fibre
To let life flow
Let joy arrive.

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