Blessings and prayers

A prayer for those who have left church

It can be heartbreaking to part ways with the community of faith which has been your spiritual home, but sometimes it is the kindest and most honest thing to do. Here are words of compassion for those who have experienced this kind of loss.

Oh glorious unity, oh shining plurality

We pray for our siblings who have been hurt by religious institutions

We know your heart is for them
We intercede for them, before you
Because right now, they need to feel you close

They who have struck out on a new road, who feel very alone, who feel they are the only ones on the path they walk

They who have had parts of their self denied or questioned or abused

May you overwhelm them with love and acceptance and worthiness

May they know that the truth is neither further nor nearer from them than it ever was

For we can never be sundered from our truest self

We can never be separated from our human divineness

Nor our beautiful, embodied aliveness

To the beloved one: we honour your truth and your courage

We see you in your fullness

If it feels like the gravity that held you to the earth has disappeared, may you rely on the wisdom of your feet, which trust their whole being to each step

And know that the whole blessed earth is now your home

The world your family

The universe may have just got a lot bigger

But your place in it is assured
Even if you cannot see it yet

Our hearts extend to yours with love.

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