The promise of the spring is fulfilled
And summer begins

Beltane is a feast of joyful forgetfulness
Presided over by a spirit too infatuated with the now
To store up worries for the future

Autumn will be here soon
The wheel of the year rests on Beltane for just one day
So today, we dance

In the season to come
May you hold life lightly – both the joyful things and the severe
May you gather no new responsibilities
Just freckles

And may you do the work of living
So that come autumn
You have memories to harvest
Sweet, rich and sustaining

May we offer our hearts
To all the souls who were with us last May Day
May our lives be an offering of joy to their memories
And may our laughter be a prayer

As Beltane arrives
May we arrive at our lives
And dare to invite in
More joy than we’ve ever known.

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