Blessings and prayers

Sunday scaries: a blessing

Sunday evenings can feel like the moment on a rollercoaster
After the climb
Just before the big drop
A moment of anticipatory fear

But can you invite into your imagination
A way to see this evening differently?
To view it as a time outside of time?

For the week you have been living is over
The new week has yet to begin

You cannot change what has passed (you can only ruminate upon it)
You cannot truly start living what is to come (you can only carry the weight of anticipation)

Dear one, can you invite yourself to choose a third way?

Tomorrow will come
So there’s no need to cling to it
In this liminal space, you can lay it all down
And just be

This evening
Can you allow yourself to feel the weightlessness
The sense of freedom

That comes
Before the drop?

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