Blessings and prayers

A summer solstice blessing

The summer solstice dawns.

For our sake, the sun takes the longest path through the sky

Her loneliest journey

So that we may stand in her light,
Cast dark shadows
And feel strong.

Dear one, may this day inaugurate a season of days in the sun

May you feel warmth on your skin and gentle breezes at your back

May languid afternoons restore you

May late evenings be filled with summer magic, the light melting reluctantly away

May clarifying, disinfecting sunlight find its way into shaded places
And call out that which hides

May this season of the midday sun be a time for truth, for righteousness

In your life, in all our lives.

Dear one, winter approaches swiftly enough

You deserve to feel bathed in light

For many days to come

May this solstice season invite you to open up those hidden places inside you. Allow them to see the light

Give us the gift of seeing who you really are.

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