Blessings and prayers

A blessing for the weekend

Dear one,

The working week has come to a close

It’s time to exhale out the five days that have just passed

May these words invite you to inhabit the days ahead with fullness

Right now – yes, now, friend! – breathe a deep & cleansing breath

And allow this week to fall from your shoulders

The questions
The tasks not yet done
The things you’re proud of
The moments which hurt
The things you didn’t even realise you were gripping on to

Allow them to float away

Like a paper boat on the surface of the water

Ask yourself:
What does my body want?
What does my heart ask?
What does my spirit need?
What do I owe myself?

Friend, to own that your time is yours
Is radical

Claim it!

Offer yourself a sip of unstructured, unplanned time

Find ways to be truly alone

Be unproductive

Watch the sun playing along a wall

And see how the things which matter float back to you

When you need them to.

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