Blessings and prayers

A blessing for the first harvest (Lughnasadh)

Under the tall sun of the year’s first harvest
May you invite before the eyes of your heart
Everything that is calling to be gathered in
In your life.

May you count all the beautiful things that you have brought to ripeness:
The gentle hours with friends,
The works of patience and forbearance,
The difficulties overcome,
The moments of simple peace,
The heart-pounding experience of a fear faced,
And the feeling of sweet aliveness that follows.

Dear one, may you go to the labour of bringing in the sheaves
Knowing that the really hard work is already done
And after the storehouses are filled, there is rest.

May you gather in a harvest of bounty
May you set before your heart a table of plenty, and may it satisfy you

And if there are seeds that you have nurtured
Which did not come to fruit this harvesttime
May you offer yourself kindness for those unmet hopes
And may you leave space in the imagination for the possibility that they may bloom in time.

Blessed Lughnasadh!

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