Blessings and prayers

Climate grief: a prayer

An ecumenical/interfaith prayer for those experiencing climate grief

Sacred Earth,
I don’t know how to turn towards you,
I struggle to breathe
Just as I know you do
Smothered as you are by our heavy footprints

Grief weighs in my belly
I’m afraid that
If I start weeping
I will never be able to stop

Yet I know
Grief untended
Is an abandoned child
It is love unmet

And this hurt
Must be healed in every heart
If we are to survive.

Give me the strength to be still
And attend to the rough waters within
So I may honour the raging waters without
For we are water

Give me the space to breathe so fully
That I can feel the life-giving exchange
That I so often take for granted
For we are air

Give me the fortitude to ground myself every day
To recognise that our roots start far below our feet
For we are earth

Give me the courage to fan the flames of righteous anger
To nurture my role as protector
For we are fire

Give me the strength to feel all that is within
To allow the healing
From which action can flow
To create the love
From which justice can grow.

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