Blessings and prayers

Trans Day of Visibility: a prayer

O divine unity
O blesséd plurality

On Trans Day of Visibility
May you help us all to see
How much our trans siblings model your nature to us
May we see
How divine love
And sacred freedom
Is revealed in them

Bless your trans prophets, who stand in our town squares
To tell the good news
That a greater joy awaits
Beyond the gender binary

Bless the sweet memory
Of all the trans saints
Down the ages
Who have died at the hands of the patriarchy
Or who never truly got to live
May we never again add to their number

May all of us with cis privilege
Have the strength and the lasting commitment
To stand up for our trans siblings

May institutions which abuse and deny trans people crumble
May we take them down brick by brick

May trans bodies be safe
May trans lives be treated as sacred
May trans voices be lifted high
May trans joy be celebrated

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