Blessings and prayers

A blessing for emotional healing

In recent days, I’ve been grappling an emotional hurt which I’ve long-tended but always struggled to truly make sense of. This blessing is a response to these feelings, and is dedicated to anyone who is also navigating painful emotions.

Emotional hurts
Are a mysterious thing

Sometimes our physical and spiritual bodies
Can conceal them so cunningly
The way a pride-hurt tomcat retreats from a fight to lick his wounds

At other times
They are an oil spill
Seeping through the sea of your soul
Poisoning us slowly

When an emotional hurt reveals itself to us
May you find a safe glade within the forest of your heart
If you wait there with kind attention
The wounded animal of your emotional hurt
With appear shyly at the tree line

It will be tentative at first

Be patient
Move slowly
Speak kindly
Observe it
Without trying to define it or explain where it came from

Allow it to tell its tale
Bravely hold space for its sad, keening animal cries

Then, when it has told you its story
Speak soft words of comfort to it

Remember, it can’t understand the language of the mind
The only things this creature comprehends
Are tender, patient words
And quiet, curious listening

You may meet the creature in the glade
Many times

Until one day
You may arrive there
To find it no longer returns to you

Then you will know
The creature has healed
It is not gone
It is simply back where it belongs
In the unfathomable wilds of your spirit.

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