Blessings and prayers

A blessing for a difficult relationship with a parent or parents

To the beloved one
Who does not find ease between yourself and your parent(s)

Natural, loving relationships between parent and child
Are not meted our fairly or equally
It is no-one’s fault
If that relationship does not flourish
As the child, it is not yours to take on blame

Dear one,
At one time,
Your parents were the stem on which you bloomed
So, may you honour the centrality
This relationship
May have in your sense of who you are
And how you are connected with others

But did you know
Your soul was born
Out of the universe’s desire to express and cherish itself?
Oh, yes
Before the ocean loved the shore
Your time on this earth was appointed

You are a wild and wondrous being
Which can put down roots
Wherever you choose
You can create new foundations
You can create a new story

May you draw upon the full lineage of your ancestors,
Reaching beyond living memory or the reach of family folklore
To find those ancestors from whom you truly emanate
Who dreamed of laying down the path for you
Who wouldn’t change a single thing about you

And may you know this truth
(And may your inner child be listening carefully):
You are innately deserving of love
Worthy of being cared for and tenderly caressed

May you find the ground into which your roots can extend
And your limbs stretch out to embrace the light
May you find, give and create love so abundant,
It drips from your fingertips like honey
May this unctuous love be your inheritance.

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