Blessings and prayers

A prayer for true self-care

Themes: self-care, self-acceptance, mindfulness, presence, self-love

Sit down, dear one, and let the earth hold your bones for a moment.

Sit, and let these words attend to you
They will do so with gentleness

I’m going to ask of you one thing, both simple and brave. Are you ready?

I want you to allow every part of your self to arrive here.
Allow the body, which has been talking to you in the only language it has – your lost mother tongue – to arrive, with its pains and complaints and deeply lodged feelings
Allow the aching heart
Allow the racing, frantic thoughts
Allow your spirit to hover lovingly about you
Now, to every one of these parts, hear these words:

You are welcome here.

That is all. Hear it again:

You are welcome here.

Maybe you will stay for a moment; may be for an hour. The different parts of you may squabble like siblings at the dinner table. Allow them to, if they must. Just so long as they stay at the table.

Allow yourself to return home. This is the greatest self care, the most potent medicine, you can give yourself today.

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