Blessings and prayers

A prayer for forgiveness from my body

Dearest body, most sacred skin

I know you’ve longed for this day
And I have denied you so many times

It’s time

Time to lay down my weapons 
Forget this foolish war 
And make peace

I’ve extracted more than my pound of flesh 
And now let’s say no more
Let’s come around the table and agree
There’s more unites us than divides us

And, honestly, I need you 
More than you need me

I know you may need time
To forgive me
To forget the scars 
And the slurs I have slung at you

I know I started this war
And I might err on the road of reconciliation 
But when I do

I promise to come back
To the treaty table
Where in gratitude
And without strife
Without panic or counting the cost
We will toast one another
And we will feast on how beautiful it is
To love each other

How good it feels to be

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