Blessings and prayers

A blessing for homeschooling parents

Dear homeschooling parents,
You who have become the one-in-all
The parent
The tutor
The friend
The gamesmaster
The medic
The mediator

To the parents who are depleted
The parents who have restrung their bow with their last nerve over and over and over
To the parents who are just…tired

We hold you up in our hearts
We lift your spirits

May you offer yourself the space to grieve what has been lost –
Adventures, experiences, time spent with loved ones
May you find a way to release the sadness of the things your children have had to shoulder
And lament the patience they should not have had to muster

We do not honour you for being superheroes
We honour you for being humans achieving superhuman feats
We honour you for trying your best
For coping because you had no other option
We honour every drop of energy, effort, love and creativity you have poured into your young people during this time
We honour the pyjama days and the fractious days and the DAYS THAT JUST WOULDN’T END
All the miracles you have worked through love

May you allow the days that have passed to slip from your shoulders
They are too heavy a burden to carry

May you find a way to see each day as fresh and new
May you offer each day the chance to be light, fun and colourful
And be ok when this goes out of the window by 9am

May you offer yourself the love and appreciation you deserve
That is felt but not always expressed

For raising our children
Your village blesses you

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