Blessings and prayers

For one ready to dive deeper: a blessing

If you find yourself standing at a shoreline
Sharing out onto the surface of an inner ocean
With your sea-chilled toes gripping pebbles underfoot
And your heart straining like a balloon in the wind

Then this day you may have realised
That you are not destined for the shallows of life
Kind though they have been to you
(For what is kind is not always what is true.)

Instead, you called to dive deeper
You are summoned
By the slow, deep, sweet heartbeat
That reverberates from somewhere below

Do you hear it?
Then, dive.

Dive down courageously into your life
Until true things press in on all sides
Lose the light, forget which way is up
And follow more subtle currents

‘Til without ever surfacing,
You somehow wash up on shores
Which, though strange, are also familiar

Tonight as you stand on the shore
The deep is calling
Know that you are brave enough to

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