Today, I connect to what is greater than me

I recognise and honour the life within all things
I bless all things
And ask the blessing of all things upon me

May I approach today with wholeheartedness
Knowing that in the present, God, is where you are
May I shrug off yesterday’s garments and fully inhabit this day

May I offer what I can to this day
May I find one moment to be out-of-my-way kind
May I find one moment for myself
May I speak to myself and others with kindness
May I make eye contact with strangers
May I acknowledge and challenge the mind’s desire to judge
May I have a mindful awareness of my unconscious and knowing biases
May I practice great, beautiful and all-encompassing love
Together, God, may we participate in a world moving towards goodness

Offer me the lightness of foot I need to move through today with gratitude:
A little joy
A little peace
A little seriousness
A little silliness

I offer myself to today; I offer today to myself


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