Blessings and prayers

A blessing for lockdown body angst

If, like me, the restrictions of lockdown have brought you anxiety about your appearance or weight, I offer these words of invitation into a more gentle relationship with your body. They are there for you whenever you need them.

Dear one,

May I invite you to close your eyes

Imagine yourself at a table
And across from you
Invite your body to sit

Chances are you have
Ignored her
Criticised her
Pinched her
Despaired of her

May these words simply invite you back into gentle conversation with your body
Not as at looks
But as it is

Reach a hand across the table and hold hers
Comfort her as she has comforted you so many times
Notice how she beams at you

How she loves you unconditionally

In time
When you are ready
(And, dear one, that day may not be today)

Offer yourself forgiveness
For the hours of angry judgement before the mirror
For the time spent on the scales
For pinching and grabbing skin and folds
For the denial
For the punishments

Know that it is not your doing which has generated this unease
And know that it is also not for your benefit that these standards exist

May you remember this:

You do not exist in this world to be pretty
To be perfect
Or to be consumable

You exist to experience full, embodied, joy

Your precious skin is ready to go there with you.

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